Конкурс капитанов.

Captains, are you ready to compete? Will you listen to a story and practice yourself in drawing the main characters? We’d like to know if you are able to retell the story. The beginnings of the sentences are in one box and the endings are in the second box. Good luck.

One day a fox met a tiger in the forest. The tiger rushed at the fox ready to tear him to pieces. But the fox was not frightened. He said to the tiger, “Don’t think you are the strongest animal in the forest. It is true that I am Конкурс капитанов. smaller than you, but people are less afraid of you then you are afraid of me. I can prove it to you now. Come with me to the road where the people pass by. I’ll walk in front of you and you’ll see that they run away as soon as they see me. After that you can tear me to pieces”.

The tiger agreed and they went to the road. Not long afterwards a group of travelers came along the road. As soon as they saw the tiger walking behind the fox they ran away Конкурс капитанов. terrified.

“Do you believe me now?” asked the fox. The silly tiger was so frightened that he didn’t reply. He ran back into the forest. He really believed that the fox was a terrible dangerous animal.

8. Конкурс “Домино”.

Let’s play a little bit. The game “Domino”. Here are some cards for each team. If you arrange them in a proper way you’ll be able to read the names of animals and flowers.

9. Конкурс “Собери букет”.

Here you see leaves of different flowers. Will you write the names of field and garden flowers on them? Say what Конкурс капитанов. colour these flowers are.

Roses are red, white, yellow, pink, black, purple.
Snowdrops are white.
Poppies are red.
Forget-me-nots are blue.
Violets are violet.
Water-lilies are yellow.
Cornflowers are blue.

Let’s have a rest. Listen to some interesting information and see a wonderful performance, please.

Документ Конкурс капитанов.